Some of our coatings are FDA- and EU-approved for food contact.

Many of our coatings satisfy the high requirements of the Food Drug Administration (FDA) and/or are EU-approved for food contact. We also offer systems with approval for the drinking water.

Optimising production times in the food industry

Baking trays, mixing and transport containers as well as systems for transporting, portioning or cutting food need to be coated. Anti-adhesion properties and reduced germ formation as well as preventing products from burning (in) are important characteristics. In this way, interruptions for cleaning or the removal of congestions can be reduced. Production times are optimised and production costs reduce.

Example: Production of soft cheese

In the production of soft cheese, diverse system parts, containers, smelters, shapers and other components contact process water, salt and pasteurised cow’s milk without interruption. A special kneading technique is responsible for the typical consistency of the cheese. After a short rest period, the breakage is cut into grains and kneaded in hot water to form an elastic mass, until it is easily formable. The freshly formed soft cheese balls are cooled down in the water bath and packed afterwards. During the production process of cheese, easy and efficient cleaning of the surfaces must be possible. For this purpose, diluted CIP (Clean in Place) acids and brines are used. High-pressure washers are also commonly used.

Our surface coatings with approval for food contact feature improved abrasion resistance and resistance to many substances. Machine parts coated by us have a considerably increased service life. Standstill times are considerably reduced, machine parts have to be cleaned more rarely and your entire production – here the example “Soft cheese production” – will be more efficient and more fail-safe than ever before.