In the chemical industry, the requirements on surface coatings are particularly high. The coating of chemical systems must show features such as anti-adhesion, chemical resistance, diverse approvals and corrosion protection. Easy cleaning as well as high temperature resistance are important requirements on the surface coatings, The correct surface treatment of the system components also allows for efficient and safe working in the chemical industry, under complex production conditions.

Requirements on surface coatings in the chemical industry

Coatings of containers, vessels, agitators, glasses and pipes that come into contact with chemicals must be particularly resistant and robust. Such coatings must on the one hand be pore-free and on the other hand remain resistant to chemical substances for many years. Chemical processes and reactions of different chemicals during mixing sensitively react to impurities and foreign bodies. So the surface protection of the system components must be accordingly perfect to reliably ensure production processes with aggressive chemicals.

Application examples in the chemical industry

To prevent large and small tank containers from being attacked by the chemicals, they can be protected by chemical-resistant surfaces. Consequently, the treated surface is resistant to corrosion. Containers without protective surfaces wear faster and must be extensively repaired, which incurs high costs.

Not only liquid but also solid substances such as chemical granulates or carbon are transported, centrifuged, filtered or stored in containers or mixed in agitators. To allow for the cleaning of these containers without residues, an anti-adhesion coating is indispensable.