Reduced wear of your surface leads to improved efficiency, higher quality and service life.

In the machine and vehicle industry, a favourably friction behaviour and the high wear resistance of components are of top priority when it comes to efficiency and quality.

Wear reduction increases the service life

With the correct coating and the related surface finishing, wear can be considerably reduced. In addition to the reduction of friction and wear, service life and life time are increased. Maintenance and standstill times are reduce, the loading capacity is increased, energy is saved.

High wear protection demand

High wear resistance is also no longer indispensable in the automotive industry. Valve control, piston bolts, injection nozzles, transmissions as well as diesel and petrol engines have coated parts for them to withstand many years of application.

In the chemical industry, sealing industry, laboratory engineering, packaging industry, food industry, mechanical engineering and system construction and in the medical technology, high wear protection is an important economic imperative.