We pursue a target- and result-oriented management. We promote cooperation with customers, suppliers and employees based on trust. We solve problems with a positive attitude. We use our strengths and improve them continuously.

We create customer benefits and base our acting on the market. We exactly know the problems and requirements of our customers. We satisfy their quality and deadline requirements and convince them by means of our flexibility.

We improve our services on a continuous basis. Our coatings satisfy quality, economic, ecological and legal requirements and are competitive.

Our processes are effective, efficient and sustainable. Particularly the business processes are of central importance. We focus on the quality, deadline, productivity, revenue and costs business results.

Together with partners, we want to strengthen our offer and increase the efficiency. This is to continuously optimised quality, flexibility and costs and to strengthen our offer.

We promote the personal, social and technical competence of employees. Further education is ensured by “learning on the job” and suitable further education measures. Motivated, dedicated and satisfied employees are the target.

Our IT system is efficient, safe and stable. We rely on tried and tested software applications and ensure uniform hardware and software. The IT system promotes the efficiency in the business processes and improves the business results.

Our infrastructure is economic, safe and environmentally compatible. By means of correct maintenance, we ensure high availability. We want to prevent accidents and health risks and satisfy the legal requirements.

We bear financial responsibility within the scope of our tasks. We promote cost awareness on all levels. Good results are the prerequisite for the further development. We finance them using own funds. We ensure liquidity at all times.