The elastomeric armouring on polyurethane basis provides protection from erosion, corrosion, cavitation and wear.

The rubber-like properties make the material enormously resistant to aggressive and dynamic influences such as bumps, impacts, vibrations, friction or abrasion. The system is completely free of solvents. Three available, different shore hardnesses cover the area from “soft touch” to anti-adhesion surfaces. Chip-removing, subsequent processing of the layers is possible.

In addition to the great thermal insulating capability, this elastomeric armouring also shows good dielectric strength (> 5 kV per mm layer thickness).

Apart from that, the elastomeric armouring is FDA-approved for dry, fat-free food according to FDA/USDA CFC 177.1680

These layers can be applied to almost all solid, metallic and non-metal surfaces; even to rubber.

If necessary, it can be checked whether the pre-treatment and the coating itself can be completed on site.

Common areas of application of this unique layer system include:

Scratch and marking protection in handling systems (grippers), slip resistance, grip improvement and adhesive surfaces for tanks, containers, slide grinding systems, screw conveyors, food transporters, vibrating conveyor troughs, scale pans, filling systems, slides, load hooks, dosing systems, agitators, mixers, fan blades, turbine wheels, rolls, flanges & seals, rollers or workpiece supports.

Some key data:
Layer thicknessesfrom 0.5 mm to 20 mm
Application temperature-50°C to +95°C; shortly up to 120°C (dry environment)
up to 60°C in case of wet environment; pH 3-11
3 Shore A hardnesses60, 85 and 95