Innovative PFA coating

The PFA coating with electrostatic discharge capability with simultaneous FDA/EU approval for direct food contact is an innovative coating process.

Ceramics as insulating layers

From our ceramics range, we can virtually offer all sprayable ceramics. The following oxide ceramics are available, based on the elements aluminium, chromium, titanium and zirconium as well as their mixtures with interesting properties in the application.

PEKK – the interesting PEEK alternative

Our PEKK (polyether ketone ketone) coating processes offer some considerable advantages as compared to the PEEK coating processes. In the coating process, the thermal load of the parts is reduced by 70°C as compared to PEEK. This spares the substrate. Thus, substrates which do not withstand the process temperature of PEEK can also be coated with polyaryletherketone.

Hard metals for functionalisation

By selecting the suitable spraying process, we are able to produce hard metal coatings with different properties, for special functions in the applications.

Food-safe – HALAR® coating (E-CTFE)

Buser Oberflächentechnik AG offers the new, excellent HALAR® E-CTFE coating process in bright colour (bright RAL 7035) as first and currently only coater in Europe.

Structured surfaces

In principle, our spray-applied coatings have a typical roughness depending on the coating. However, other roughnesses can also be obtained by special adjustment of the treatment window.

PVDF low-cost

The new PVDF coating is only a little bit inferior to the known competitive products that are currently available in the market. In exchange, the primer-less coating system has an excellent price/performance ratio.

Large components – mobile use

Using the existing infrastructure and the available coating processes at Buser Oberflächentechnik AG, we are able to coat small and large components.

Clean room coatings

In a newly created production unit, Buser Oberflächentechnik AG coats technical articles with paints on organic and inorganic basis under clean room conditions. On approx. 225 m², the entire production is divided into the sections material preparation, parts cleaning, coating and a core zone in which upstream and downstream works are completed.

Melting self-flowing alloys

One speciality is the coating of components with self-flowing alloys. We use it in applications where highest requirements are made on wear and corrosion resistance.

Elastomeric armouring

The elastomeric armouring on polyurethane basis provides protection from erosion, corrosion, cavitation and wear.

Large container coatings

Buser Oberflächentechnik is the top address when it comes to the coating of highly demanding large containers. In this connection, we can rely on several decades of experience in the design of the containers and the internal and external coating.

Combination layers

As we carry out the plastic, metal and ceramic coating processes in our own company, we are able to produce combined layers. Using special procedures and a lot of knowledge from realised projects, we combine the metal and plastic materials to form one unit.

PFA glass splinter protection

As opposed to frequently used aliphatic TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane), the glass splinter protection of Buser Oberflächentechnik consists of the fully fluorinated PFA (perfluorinated alkoxy) plastic.

PEKK – a coating travels to Mars

One of the main targets in the major, international ExoMars Mars project is the scanning of the Mars soil and the search for earlier or present life. To be able to realise this target, the CaSSIS team of the University of Bern developed a special telescope.