The food production is automated to a great extent and is supported by numerous machine and machine parts. Our coating must on the one hand be easy to clean and on the other hand withstand corrosive fruit acids, aggressive media and cleaning agents.


Protective and image-promoting packagings are important. They promote sales. To make the product look more attractive, you often spend more for the packaging than for the actual product. So the question rises how you can avoid faults and machine standstill times caused by the deposition of products, foils and adhesive at machine parts.


In the chemical industry, the requirements on surface coatings are particularly high. The coating of chemical systems must show features such as anti-adhesion, chemical resistance, diverse approvals and corrosion protection. Easy cleaning as well as high temperature resistance are important requirements on the surface coatings, The correct surface treatment of the system components also allows for efficient and safe working in the chemical industry, under complex production conditions.


With medical devices such as scalpel, scissors, medical instruments as well as implants and prostheses, compromises are never admissible. Medical coatings make them more robust and more hygienic. They benefit from a longer service life and can be cleaned more efficiently. The corrosion resistance, the increased hardness as well as the reduced friction make medical device and products more competitive. Longer sterilisation cycles, wear resistance as well as reduced light reflection are desired effects.


Protecting components of public traffic from corrosion with the correct coating.