Surface finishing

You have workpieces, machine parts, medical technology or other industrial equipment? With the correct surface, you get higher performance, longer service life and better properties from your parts. As long-term specialist in surface finishing, we know which coating you need for more success. We are willingly prepared to familiarise you with the world of surface finishing and evaluate the perfect coating for your demands and requirements together with you.

The functions / requirements at a glance:

  • Abrasion resistance
  • Non-stick property
  • Chemical resistance
  • Diffusion resistance
  • Electrical insulation
  • Electrical conductivity
  • Sliding ability / emergency running properties
  • Corrosion protection
  • Wear protection
  • Food approval
  • Temperature resistance
  • UV & weather resistance

Improving the chemical resistance

With chemically resistant coatings, you efficiently protect your components from acids, brines and other aggressive media.

Corrosion protection

Providing erosion and corrosion protection with resistance to environmental influences.

Wear protection

Reduced wear of your surface leads to improved efficiency, higher quality and service life.

Improving low friction

Minimising the friction coefficient and the slip-stick effect for higher velocities and better low-friction properties.

Approved for food contact

Some of our coatings are FDA- and EU-approved for food contact.

Contamination protection

Minimising contamination in systems and process containers. Thus, better, more efficient and cheaper cleaning of your systems.

Surface finishing

Improve the properties of your produced parts by means of surface finishing.