Protective and image-promoting packagings are important. They promote sales. To make the product look more attractive, you often spend more for the packaging than for the actual product. So the question rises how you can avoid faults and machine standstill times caused by the deposition of products, foils and adhesive at machine parts.

If unwanted packaging material and dirt stick to the stainless steel areas, their removal is often quite laborious. They influence precisely working weighing and filling systems which will result in inaccurate packaging weights. The production process must be stopped and the system must be cleaned. The resulting standstill periods cause costs.

Nice, fault-free and efficient packaging: those are the requirements in the packaging industry which must be satisfied by our coating. The costing quality of packaging machines decides upon the successful and economic operation.

Transport rails for the cardboard box production

In the production of packaging materials such as cardboard boxes, large cardboard sheets are prefabricated which are punched to get the desired form. Glue is applied to the edges and the cardboard pieces are transported to the next processing station. Due to the bulky cardboard parts and the sticky glue at the cardboard ends, the cardboard parts often get stuck at the transport equipment. In the course of time, more and more dust, glue and cardboard gathers at the transport equipment. So the machine operator must continuously clean the machine from gathering dirt so that the machine does not stop too frequently and loose expensive production time.