With medical devices such as scalpel, scissors, medical instruments as well as implants and prostheses, compromises are never admissible. Medical coatings make them more robust and more hygienic. They benefit from a longer service life and can be cleaned more efficiently. The corrosion resistance, the increased hardness as well as the reduced friction make medical device and products more competitive. Longer sterilisation cycles, wear resistance as well as reduced light reflection are desired effects.

Particularly high requirements in the medical area

The coating developed for the medical area differs from the conventional component coatings and shows numerous advantages: Today, sterilisability, bio-compatibility and an antibacterial effect on apparatus, instruments and implants are required.

Coatings under clean room conditions

We produce the sensitive parts for applications in the medical area under clean room conditions. This ensure coating without contamination. Our consistent quality management leads to highest customer satisfaction.

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