Ceramic coating

Thermally sprayed oxide ceramics offer excellent corrosion and very good wear resistance.

Ceramic coating is a thermal spray process during which the ceramic spray powder is sprayed onto the component. With the thermal spraying process (EN 657 and ISO 14917 classify the processes according to the energy source), numerous applications are possible, utilizing the advantages (little heat input, functional surfaces, broad material selection, etc. reworking instead of new part production).

Ceramic coating by means of thermal spraying to components offers many advantages

Ceramics can be used for numerous applications, as protective layers against wear, as electric insulating layers and anti-static discharge layers and also as heat insulating layers. Due to bad wettability caused by metallic melts, melting pots are, amongst others, also clad with ceramic coating. Thermally sprayed oxide ceramics distinguish themselves by excellent corrosion resistance and very good wear resistance.

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