Metal, ceramics, fluoropolymer – powder coating for a perfect surface quality

Quality, service life and efficiency of a workpiece are decisively co-determined by the surface quality. Thanks to our innovative coating solutions, your components, machine and system parts reach notably longer service lives and can be used more efficiently.

Our fluoropolymer powder coating is environmentally friendly, economic and market-leading as regards the quality. After a mechanical or chemical pre-treatment, undergrounds such as steel, aluminium, casting or non-ferrous metal are coated with ceramics, metal or high-performance plastics. We are the leading company for functional surface coating services in the area high-performance plastics, hard metal and ceramics.

Ceramic coating

Thermally sprayed oxide ceramics offer excellent corrosion and very good wear resistance.

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Synthetic coating

Excellent anti-adhesion properties, high temperature resistance combined with chemical resistance and good electric properties.

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Metal coating

Mainly used to improve the wear and corrosion resistance of basic materials and as repair layers.

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Teflon coating

PTFE coatings have excellent chemical, thermal and electric insulation properties and a very low friction coefficient. PTFE is completely unaffected by oxygen, ozone or UV light.

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