Ceramic coating for traction, friction, sliding and sealing applications

Ceramic coating for traction, friction, sliding and sealing applications

Ceramics for dynamics
Based on the diversity of ceramic coatings (thermally sprayed ceramic coating), numerous challenges in drive engineering can be solved.

Using the thermal spray process, quite a number of ceramic materials can be realised as ceramic coating. With our many years of experience in coating and machining ceramic materials, we are able to specifically respond to your needs. Ceramic coatings are particularly characterised by their interesting properties in terms of corrosion and wear resistance, electrical and/or thermal insulation resistance as well as an ideal partner for drive, traction and sealing solutions.


Thermal spray process
Ceramic coating is a thermal spray process during which the ceramic spray powder is sprayed onto the component. The most economic and most suitable process is chosen from the available coating processes. Compared to conventional technical ceramics, the coatings achieved with this process are characterised by their service life, resistance and economic production. The components coated with this process can generally also be remanufactured and recoated at the end of their service life. This is particularly useful for applications with seals, because the components can thus be reused several times and only the seal ring and the coating have to be replaced. If specific sliding or friction properties are required for traction, the ceramic coatings with a layer thickness of only a few micrometres may already be the most promising solution.


From µm to nm with ceramic coatings
By choosing the right finishing, ceramics with a surface finish of Ra 0.1 – 0.2 µm can be manufactured directly. Buser Oberflächentechnik AG realised such a ceramic coating (component length up to 4 m) as a basis for traction control for drives with high-precision accuracies down in the nanometre range. Don’t let yourself be blinded by surfaces as smooth as glass, but convince yourself and, together with us, enter the dynamic applications of ceramic coatings.