Bring on the water!

Bring on the water!

Bring on the water.
The new Kühschatten drinking water reservoir is now in operation in Köniz, one of the largest municipalities in Switzerland.

Higher demands are being placed everywhere, including in the area of water supply and therefore also on the line pipes. Contaminated water must never come out of the tap and it was precisely for this requirement that we were able to make an important contribution with our coating system by working closely together with Köniz's municipal operations. Water comes into contact with various materials during the course of treatment and distribution. Numerous protective measures are required to ensure that the water retains its usual high quality. One of these measures is the internal and external coating of the water pipes.

Reaching the goal with thermoplastic coatings
Thanks to a thermoplastic powder coating, the corrosion and chemical protection coating lasts years. The tried and tested technology provides an impenetrable barrier so that there can be no negative influences on the water. A smooth non-stick coating prevents contamination and bacterial growth.

Areas of application
Our special coating comes into play as soon as it comes to drinking water and waste water. Applications such as water pipes, flanges, valves and storage basins are the most common areas of application.

Drink water without hesitation
It goes without saying that our coatings are subject to strict regulations and standards, which must be documented with special drinking water approvals.

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