Antimicrobial properties

As of today almost our entire range of polymer coating systems are available featuring anti-microbial properties.

Surfaces treated with antimicrobial coatings not only prevent the development and growth of bacteria as well as algae, viruses, spores of mould / mildew, but have a long term disinfecting influence on coated surfaces.. In case the surface coated with antimicrobial additives is contaminated, the microorganisms are destroyed within a very short time. As an example, after a contamination with E. Coli-bacteria or Staphylococcus-aureus, there are no living spores found after a 24 hour test period. (Reference Standard: ISO 22196:2011(E)). The exceptionality and special feature of this technology is the biocide- and silver-free mechanism of action. Contrary to common use of silver-ions in the battle against bacteria, the technology used by Buser Surface Technology retains its longevity and full performance over a wide range of micro-organisms.

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